Plotter Printers in Sri Lanka

Launching over 60 years ago, Plotter was started with a vision to deliver unprecedented customer service. We are in a position to offer you the best plotter solution with islandwide via fully own branch network supported on islandwide. is the official website for Canon wide format plotters and related consumable / accessories.

We’re highly customer focused and have an outstanding team determined to deliver the best experience possible. We’ve now built up extremely close relationships as an authorized reseller to some of the best printer manufacturer’s around including Xerox, Canon, and Kyocera to name but a few.

Don’t worry, we get it. Shopping for printers isn’t all that glamorous. But that’s why we’re here, we’re the specialists and know everything about printers – so you can spend less time combing through technical specs and more time doing the stuff that’s important.

We are fast, flexible and friendly and we understand the demands of our graphics customers. We’ve lived and breathed this sector for the last 60 years and we know you, our customers, are up against; instant deadlines, last-minute changes, and time pressures. By being fast, flexible and friendly we should be able to reduce the stress levels in your business and help you to keep your customers happy.

There are so many printers to choose from that it can be a daunting task to single one out, which is why we’re here to help you choose the best home office printer for you. A printer’s performance and efficiency can be measured in how many sheets of paper its input tray can hold, how long it takes to print the first page of a print order, and how many pages it can print per minute in mono or color.

What makes the best of our printers?


When you are buying a printer, make sure it comes with the right drivers that are compatible with your computer and its operating system. Printers need driver software to communicate with your application software. The printer must also be able to connect to your office LAN or through wireless means.

Replacement ink

Ironic as it may sound, cheap printers use expensive ink cartridges. If you buy a printer with the most affordable price tag, you will end up spending a fortune in the long run. Within the first year of use, the total cost of printer cartridges will have surpassed the amount you paid for your printer. Another factor is that the availability of the ink, as some printer manufacturers require that you purchase it directly from the company.

Paper handling

Printers are capable of handling all your paper needs and are expandable to accommodate ensuing growth. Some business printers have a standard input capacity of fewer than 200 pages. While this may work well for a small-medium company, it will be insufficient for a large corporation.


It is important to know the number of pages or photos per minute a printer is capable of producing. Printer companies refer to printer’s speed as PPM, an abbreviation of pages per minute. PPM depends on factors such as if the document is white, black, color, full-page or text only. So if you plan on printing a lot of color photos, check the printer’s photo printing speed, to make sure you get the most suitable one.

Good print quality

Print quality is determined by dots per inch, abbreviated as DPI. A printer with a high DPI will deliver a clearer picture. If you need a good quality printer to bring your photos to life, look for one that offers that glossy look and enhanced color reproduction.